LA-TO Touch-on Applicator

The Novexx Solutions LA-TO is a timed touch-on applicator for high performance applications.

The LA-TO is best suited for labels requiring a firm application pressure. It can handle top, side and bottom labelling positions and is suitable for stopped products, moving products and products with a fixed height.

Novexx Solutions LA-TO Touch-on Applicator

Specifications and features:

  • Easy exchange of labelling pads for different label sizes
  • Stroke length up to 380mm
  • Robust industrial design
  • 30-160mm label width
  • 30-210mm label length
  • Capacity of up to 100 labels per minute
  • Application accuracy of approximately 1mm (maximum)
  • Compatible with ALX92x, ALX73+, ALS20x, ALS256, ALS272 and ALS306