We offer different types of material on which to print, including substrates and adhesives. With years of expertise in the labelling industry, we match the substrate with the application, whether you outsource your printing to us, or you have in-house printing facilities. Our fit-for-purpose labels are printed onto semi-gloss, polypropylene, matt, cast gloss, laser, and various grades of thermal transfer materials.

As the blank canvas for your label design, we offer a wide library of paper, boards and synthetic label stock on which we can print. Recycling is an important consideration for S&N Labels and to optimize sustainability, we recommend ensuring that both the label and package can be recycled as a single unit, which necessitates the compatibility of both materials. Recyclable combinations include paper/cardboard, PE/PE and PP/PP.

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Standard Materials

We offer a range of standard materials, suitable for a variety of everyday applications, which are available in a number of combinations.

Environmental Papers

In line with our sustainability drive, S&N Labels offers a range of environmentally-friendly papers that are suitable for a variety of applications. We will work closely with you to source the appropriate paper to suit your application.

Specialty Papers

We also provide a range of speciality papers that are suitable for a variety of applications, including: