S&N Labels streamlines labels and racking for Pick ‘n Pay’s new warehouse

S&N Labels partnered with Relog to supply labels and racking boards for  Pick ‘n Pay’s new warehouse. With an understanding of their specific needs and goals, S&N Labels customised their labelling solution to suit the unique requirements of Pick ‘n Pay’s expansive warehouse space.

Each label was crafted to be durable, weather-resistant, and equipped with barcode and RFID technology, ensuring seamless integration into Pick ‘n Pay’s sophisticated inventory management system. The labels were colour-coded and strategically placed to simplify product categorisation and facilitate quick and accurate inventory checks.

This successful project exemplifies the power of collaboration between S&N Labels and Relog in providing an innovative solution for Pick ‘n Pay.

The project was led by Karmen Hunter, Account Manager at S&N Labels, who looks forward to pushing the boundaries of labelling technology, and embarking on more transformative projects that deliver solutions that shape the future of retail and logistics.