Price-Marking Guns

S&N Labels supplies a comprehensive range of Meto handheld price marking guns and Meto accessories for applying labels to items, with the model selection determined by the label size and price configuration.

Our price label gun or applicators (also referred to as date label guns) are used by our customers to apply self-adhesive labels for expiry date, and price labels for batch applications in FMCG and retail sectors.

We are premier distributors of the well-known international range of Meto handheld price markers or price sticker applicators that offer maximum efficiency as they are ergonomically shaped and allow characters and digits to be selected in a swift, straightforward and flexible manner.

We support the Meto range of price marking guns with a comprehensive repair centre to OEM standards, which also replaces the bands depending on applications.

We will advise you on the appropriate handheld Meto price marking applicator  and label to suit your application:

Price Marking and Tagging

Eagle & Proline Label Dispensers

Eagle proline label dispenser

Meto’s Eagle & Proline universal label dispensers accommodate a wide range of label formats.

Fastex Labeller

Fastex Labeller

Meto’s new Fastex labeller is a superior sequential numbering tool for garment manufacturers and other specialised markets that require a cost-efficient solution for identifying and counting items on the production line.

Eagle L Price-marking Guns

Meto L Price marking gun

Meto’s Eagle L two-line labelling guns offer 18, 21 or 23 digits and are suitable for price-marking and coding.

Eagle M Price-marking Guns

Meto M Price Marking gun

Meto’s Eagle M two-line labelling guns offer 14-20 digits and are suitable for price or unit marking and coding.

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