S&N Labels offers a comprehensive range of direct thermal and thermal transfer printers for all applications.

Direct thermal printers prints image onto the substrate and thermal transfer printers use a temperature-sensitive ink ribbon that transfers ink to paper or synthetic label material when it is heated.

Direct thermal and thermal transfer systems are ideal for labels that are printed with variable information such as barcodes on-site.

Our range includes desktop label printers, industrial label printers and mobile or portable printers from leading brands, Honeywell and Zebra. We also offer repairs at our national Repair Centre, where are certified technician repair printers to OEM standards.

(Note: The Honeywell range includes Datamax and O’Neill printers, as these brands were acquired by the group. Similarly, the Zebra range includes Motorola printers.)

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Desktop Label Printers

Honeywell PX4ie Front 9825 highres 1 scaled
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Our range of Honeywell and Zebra desktop label printers are compact and robust  and are ideal for desktop use for low to mid volume printing demands. Our mid-range label printers are more robust and larger than their desktop counterparts and the faster print speeds support larger label sizes and more complex data requirements in warehouse, factory and workshop environments, where marking and traceability of goods is required.

Honeywell models include:
E-class Mark 111; PC42d; PC42t; PC43t; PC43d; PC23d

Zebra models include:
ZD600 Series; ZD510-HC; ZD400; ZD200; Performance Series

Industrial Label Printers

Honeywell industrial printer
Zebra industrial printer

Our range of Honeywell and Zebra industrial printers are designed for harsh and demanding environments. With rugged durability and future-proof adaptability, our user-friendly barcode label printers are designed to provide 24/7 reliability.  These rugged printers are designed to meet the demands of industrial environments and offer a range of connectivity, print resolution and emulation options. We offer a large range to suit your specific needs.

Honeywell models include:
A-Class Mark 11; H-Class; I-Class Mark 11; M-Class Mark 11; MP Series; PD43; PD43e; PM42; PM43; PM43c; PM23c; PXie Series; P6i; PX4i; PX940

Zebra models include:
ZT600; ZT510; ZT400

Mobile Printers

Honeywell mobile printer
Zebra mobile printer

Our range of Honeywell and Zebra mobile or portable printers are suitable for demanding warehouse, distribution, in-store retail and enterprise asset management applications. Our mobile printers increase employee productivity and accuracy by enabling portable printing of barcode labels and receipts at the point of application. We offer a handheld mobile printer at every price point for every industry, and accessories for a complete portable solution.

Honeywell models include:
PR Series; RL3e; RL4e; PR3; PR2

Zebra models include:
ZQ600 Series; ZQ600 Healthcare Series; ZQ500; ZQ300; ZQ200