Tagging Guns

S&N Labels has been providing tagging technology for many years. We are a key partner in Southern Africa of the internationally recognised Meto range of hand labelers, which include price tagging and price marking guns

We provide a range of fast, safe and reliable Meto tagging systems including price tagging guns, tools and accessories for a variety of industries, from apparel or clothing and automotive to manufacturing and packaged consumer goods.

Swing tickets and tags, which indicate information such as the price and the size, are only effective if they are securely attached to the item.

There is a wide range of fasteners available for  Meto fabric tagging guns and many other applications. Most systems use a tagging gun and needle to insert the fastener through the fabric. Basic options relate to fabric delicacy, the distance the tag needs to hang from where the fastener will be attached and how strong the fastener needs to be.

We offer a Meto tagging solution for every application, from tagging and identification to bundling and pairing. Our range includes the relevant tools, needles and fasteners to ensure secure attachment of tags. We also supply tags with a number of printing, paper stock and finishing options. We will advise you on the best tagging solution to suit your application:

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Tagging Tools

S&N Labels has a large range of tagging gun tools, comprising Eco and Standard to suit your requirements.

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Tagging Gun Accessories

S&N Labels supplies a range of tagging gun accessories, including needles and tags, available in different sizes to suit various applications, ranging from fine fabric, standard to heavy duty.