Track & Trace Labels

S&N Labels offers an extensive range of track & trace labels with variable barcodes for applications where traceability and accountability are critical in the supply chain.

Track and trace labels are critical in the storage and distribution of products from manufacturing through to distribution and to the end user. These tracking labels correctly identify products and  goods during their journey through the supply chain, carrying information that uniquely identifies an item by variable information, such as the batch number, product number and a unique tracking number. This information can be stored either by alphanumerical codes or by barcodes or a combination of both. At various points during the journey, the items are scanned or data entered into a system to ensure that the correct item is dispatched.

Our barcode direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels are used extensively across many industries for the printing of thermal label stickers, barcodes, logos, text, expiry dates, batch numbers and much more.

Thermal transfer printing is the most commonly used technology for the marking of variable information on labels and flexible packaging in order to identify products to ensure traceability through the supply chain and provide important information to the end user. 

We provide these track and trace labels on a large variety of adhesive or non-adhesive materials to suit your needs. Track & trace labels are available on rolls for machine or hand-application in continuous packs.

We will advise you on the best track & trace label solution to suit your application, whether it’s for medical services, shipping or courier services or other applications. You can also talk to us about our large range of direct thermal or thermal transfer ribbons and printers from our global partners.  

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