Rotolabel now offers HP SmartStream Mosaic with its HP Indigo digital presses, enabling thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of designs to be created from a surprisingly limited number of original designs!

Mosaic enables one-of-a-kind products that create a unique product and memorable user experience for each consumer. Now even small brands can achieve design variation on a large scale!

Mosaic helps to automatically generate a high number of unique graphics for embedding into a variable data job, all from a fixed number of base patterns – and without an army of designers.

The software handles all the processing and automatically turns the base patterns into an exponential variety of unique designs – saving a huge amount of time and money.

The base pattern design should be complex, with a lot of detail and colour. The more complex and colourful it is, the better the results.

Mosaic uses a vector PDF file as input. It then generates a large number of variations by randomly transforming the file using scaling, transposition and rotation. The results can then be used as the variable image assets in the actual job.