The adhesive is one of the most technically important components of the label.

Whether your labels are required to stick for long periods of time, are exposed to demanding conditions or need to be easily removed, S&N Labels’ range of adhesives offers a solution for every application.

Acrylic Adhesive

Acrylic is a standard label adhesive that is suitable for “normal” conditions.

Hot-melt Adhesive

Hot-melt adhesives are suitable for environments where the surface that the label is applied to is subjected to normal conditions (not exposed to severe or extreme temperature conditions and is free of coatings, dust or fibres).

Hi-tack Hot-melt Adhesive

Hi-tack hot-melt is an aggressive adhesive that is suitable for environments where a very strong bond is required for surfaces typically exposed to refrigeration.

Removable Adhesive

Removable adhesive is ideal for situations where labels are required to be removable (such as for books).