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How does the AXR 9 meet all the needs for blood bag printing?

Guaranteeing the legibility of traceability data in demanding environments.

This global giant supplies hospitals and blood donation centres with complete blood management solutions (devices, software, consultancy). For this sensitive activity subject to strict regulations, the head office of Haemonetics located in Braintree, Massachusetts, selects the best offers on the market to create the solutions it offers to its customers worldwide.

It has therefore selected the inkanto Thermal Transfer resin film AXR®9 to equip the Zebra PAX4 print-and-apply printers on the production lines for plasma bottles located in a controlled environment.

The challenge

The particular demands of this production process and, more specifically, the packaging process, are such that the specifications setting out the required levels of resistance from the print solution incorporate the following constraints:

  • Gamma sterilisation process

  • Storage at a temperature of -50C° over 6 months

  • Thawing through condensation

  • High-pressure shower at a temperature of +70C°

  • Certified non-toxic

  • Abrasion during transportation

The solution

During test phases, the manufacturer was able to validate the non-toxicity of the ink followed by real-life test conditions: freezing, thawing, humidification, ageing, and resistance to the adhesive ribbon, all of which were fully satisfactory.

The excellent application properties combined with the flexibility offered by Thermal Transfer technology in terms of the printing of variable data, not to mention the savings to be made by using white labels rather than pre-printed labels, were the factors behind the approval of the solution.