Barcode Scanners

S&N Labels’ range of Honeywell, Zebra and Datalogics barcode scanners are suited to all applications and environments.

Our barcode scanners offer a number of different specifications suited to various requirements:

Hand-held Scanners

Hand-held barcode scanners are suited to most retail and warehouse environments.

Industrial Scanners

Industrial barcode scanners offer superior durability and reliability in challenging work environments.

Wireless Scanners

Wireless barcode scanners allow mobile employees to efficiently and effectively scan barcodes in even the most challenging environments. Our wireless scanners combine the power of Bluetooth with barcode scanning to meet mobile data capturing needs.

Mobile Scanning

Mobile scanning is an integral part of tracking, recording and identifying of data in the transaction process. Our sister company, Bidvest Mobility, offers a vast range of mobility solutions for Electronic Proof of Delivery, Direct Store Delivery, Field Service, Inventory Tracking & Asset Management and Driver’s Licence scanning requirements. Mobile computers are available in various specifications and configurations to suit the mobility requirements. For more information, go to